Friday, April 25, 2014

The University life in ICU

The LLA lecture presented by Dr. Paul Wadden gave me an opportunity to rethink the value of ICU and how I should make my ICU life meaningful and worthful.

I agree with his opinion that ICU offered us many opportunities to both study and do other activities. First, We can acquire wide knowledge through liberal arts education and various skills that are often required in works in the future through activities in whole classes and lots of homework. In addition, we can have many opportunities to deepen relationships with others, like sectionmates and enlarge our horizons, for example, through joining club acivities, taking lessons of pipe organs or going abroad.

To use these opportunities effectively, it is important to create one's own balanced ICU life as soon as possible. Since everyone has different level of physical strength, time spent in commuting, and sterength and weakness of English abilities, therefore to know and understand ourselves is necessary to establish a good ICU life.In my case, although it has passed just a few weeks since I entered the university, I have faced with some difficulties in finishing all homework and keeping good health. I think they are because I don't have much stamina and am faced to have two-hours-long journy to the university. There may be more reasons to be considered. Anyway, because of these reasons, I often become too tired to do a lot of homework and sleepy in lecture type classes. However, I don't want to continue this bad habits and want to take pipe organ lessons. Thus,  I have to get stronger in phisical, improve my weakness of English abilities, and acquire the ability of time management to make my ICU life more meaningful and worthful.

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