Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It is often said that netiquette is important. However, what really is "netiquette"? In my opinion, netiquette is a rule and a manner that people should always keep in their minds and follow whenever they use the internet. For instance, "You have to use calm words when you comment on something.", and "You must not mention a person's name that can specify the person." I think both are easy to forget if people are really absorbed into something on the internet, but these are also easy to remember if people think there are someone on the other side, and think over the feelings of the other people.

 Furthermore,  I'd like to add an own rule when I write this blog. My teacher told us that some people who aren't Japanese also see our blogs. So, I should write to explain Japanese words and culture in detail to understand them well whenever they appear in this blog. In order to do so, I should see my blog more objectively than before.

I think explaining Japanese things in detail is not only kind to people from other countries, but also gives such people many opportunities to know Japanese culture well, and improve my English more and rethink Japanese language and culture. Therefore, I want to write to make this blog beneficial to other people as well as me. 


  1. I was impressed by your blog. Thinking about other side people is very important, but I think it is not so easy. Our blog is read by a world audience. Not only Japanese but also foreigners can understand our blog is idle.

    1. Thank you for the comment! Through reading your comment, I rethink the difficulty in thinking about other side people, and I realized that when I write this blog, I always think about my classmates, and teachers, especially Dan and his friends, but don't think other unknown people. So, maybe you're right! It's difficult to imagine unknown people!