Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Monday's Class

In Monday's ARW class, we learned about how to write an introduction in an essay. According to Little Brown Handbook (LBH), openings to avoid are...

  1. A vague generality or truth.
  2. A flat announcement.
  3. A reference to the essay's title.
  4. According to Webster...  This means that you shouldn't begin by telling dictionary's definition.
  5. An apology.

I think I must keep these in my mind; otherwise I will start to write with any of these things.

Actually, I have to write a 3 page-essay for History of Western Music class by next Tuesday. However, I haven't started to write it yet. What is worse, I haven't read books about the theme. I should begin as soon as possible and use the knowledge about how to write an essay that I learned in this class. I hope my essay will become a good one.

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