Sunday, November 16, 2014

Memories in Australia and Test

Hi, it's been long time since I wrote the last blog. The last Tuesday is the last class of the autumn term, and the autumn break has started!
The last night, I went to Kichijoji with one of my friends, who went to Australia together this summer. I hadn't known her before we met at the orientation for SEA programm in which we joind. But we became very good friends and visited many sightweeing spots, talked about our exeriences in the unfamiliar countries with each other. Sometimes, both of us suffered from serious worries and ill health, but each time we helped one another. For example, since I have a tendency to get my body cold and it was winter when we visited Australia, I had difficulty living in a cold house without warm boots. (How can Australian people live in a such cold house? I assumed that there is a difference in physical constitution between Australian people and Japanese people.) And the friend lent me her warm and thick socks so that I could avoid getting my body cold.
We talked about it at the last night's dinner table and laughed together. I realized again that my first time to go abroad was a unforgettabole and special experience. I want to continue good relationships with SEA pro members and also, friends in Australia.
Anyway, recently, I feel yearning for the experience in Australia not only because I had the opportunity to talk with the SEA pro members, but also I'm studing for IELTS test on 22nd of this month. In Australia, I took Monash English course, which is an English course provided by university, and there were 6 students in my class. At that time, 2 of them were studying very hard for IELTS, and I often heard for example, about how hard they studied or how bad their scores were. And they helped each other with recommending good study materials or teaching how to study. Now, I understood well about  why they said that kind of things since I became a future test taker of IELTS. There are only 1 week to study, but I want to follow these 2 hard-working students and do my best on my IELTS test!!!      

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